UA Vehicle on-campus fueling instructions

On-Campus Fueling

Fleet Services purchases bulk unleaded fuel/diesel and operate two fueling locations for University use.

All fuel charges will be billed monthly to the departmental FOAP on file.

When in the vicinity of campus (5-mile radius), all UA-owned vehicles must purchase unleaded fuel and diesel from one of the University operated fuel locations.  Exclusions apply for non-ethanol and high-octane fuel needs


On-Campus Fueling Locations

1227 14th St (Unleaded & Diesel)

1651 Ruby Tyler Parkway (University Services Campus-Unleaded only)

Fueling Procedures

1. Upon arrival at the fuel pedestal, enter the pump number and press enter

2. Enter the vehicle tag number without the “S”

$7,268.40$35,000 - $45,000
$9,968.40$45,001 - $55,000
UpfittingsUpfittings will increase the vehicle cost

3.  Enter the current mileage of your vehicle and press Enter

4. Enter your CWID or swipe your Action Card

5. The selected pump is ready. Remove the nozzle and rotate the lever to the “On” position

UA Vehicle Off-Campus fueling instructions

Wright Express Fuel Cards

For off-campus fuel purchases, Fleet Services offers a streamlined fuel purchase (tax-exempt) & payment solution through our vendor Wright Express (WEX)

WEX fuel cards are issued by request from Fleet Services to departments needing to purchase fuel off-campus for a variety of reasons to include:

*Departmental vehicles needing to purchase fuel while out of town for official UA business

*Department is located a considerable distance off-campus, or their operations routinely take place away from campus

*Departmental vehicles/equipment requiring certain fuel specifications for operation (i.e., high octane, ethanol-free, etc.)

Requesting a WEX Card

To request a WEX fuel card, the department head should send an email to containing the following information:

  1. Tag number of the vehicle that the card will be assigned to
  2. FOAP to be charged in Banner
  3. Contact name & email for billing purposes

*(if the card is for equipment fueling, we will designate it a Miscellaneous card)

Cards generally arrive in our office 1-2 business days after order and will be assigned a unique PIN number at the time of pick up

At the end of each month, all fuel purchases will automatically be billed through Banner using the FOAP that was provided at the time of order

A WEX invoice detailing all charges will be sent monthly to the contact designated at the time of order

Using a WEX Card

WEX cards are accepted at most major gas stations, however, we do advise you to always be aware of accepting locations near you. Accepting locations can be found here or by downloading the free WEX app on your smartphone

To use the WEX card, the user should follow these steps:

  • Swipe the card at the pump or inside the station
  • Enter your driver ID/PIN # (assigned by Fleet Services)
  • Enter the current odometer reading of the vehicle (excluding tenths)
  • Fuel vehicle and obtain a receipt

*Please note: receipts should be turned in to appropriate personnel of the using department for reconciliation. Receipts should not be sent back to Fleet Services


In addition to fuel, WEX cards can be used for emergency maintenance and repair at approved locations. Approved locations can be found here or by downloading the WEX app on your smartphone

Wright Express also offers roadside assistance services. Protocol for these services can be found here

If your WEX card is lost or missing, please notify Fleet Services immediately by calling (205)348-4800 or emailing us at

For all fuel-related issues please call Fleet Services at 205-348-4800

Afterhours or emergencies please call UAPD at 205-348-5454